Thursday, August 13, 2009

SO! i havent had internet in this house for so long, so i guess i didnt blog b'cuz of that, and also i havent really done anything that i took pictures of, so yeah. so we moved into the house! well, we're in the process of moving into the house. Aileen and Tyson are pregnant! and they're moving to london next week... >:C umm.. oh, timmy's sister mary came to live with them and she brought her daughter gracie who is SO cute! so, for mary's birthday they invited me to come with them to the Ocean City boardwalk, and it was AWESOME! we ate on the roof of tony's pizza, where they sell birch beer, which is root beer only its better, and looked at all the cool shops, and gracie rode some of the kiddie rides and i bought polish water ice, which is like italian water ice except a zillion times better! they grind the ice so fine its creamy! and i bought a big tub of fisher's carmel popcorn which is heavenly! Bryan works at a fisher's popcorn shop, but not the one in ocean city. he brought a big tub to our house party thing. umm.. oh! yesterday we went to Salisbury to do some school shopping and i got 2 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts, and we saw GI Joe, well actually I saw it because 3 minutes into the movie jesse decided it was too scary, so him and my mom watched that hamster movie. And like twenty minutes from the end of the movie the film melted! it bubbled up and melted on the screen! but they fixed it, and it was awesome. here's a funny video then!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ok, so i dont think im gonna keep updating this unless a bunch of people comment on this post, because if none of you are looking at this, then im not gonna worry about it

Saturday, June 27, 2009


We went to Salisbury 2 days ago to look for a dress for my mom to wear to the Hoffman's (people in our ward, very filthy rich) party. Me, emily, and jeanie got hired to help and we all wore matching outfits, white shirts, black pants. Anyways, we went to Salisbury and watched Transformers at the theater and then we got ice cream, but i got sorbet, very delectible, and we never found a dress. We tried on a lot, just messing around, though. yeah, fun!

We tried on like a billion other ones, but this is all you get.
The Hoffman's party was awesome! We earned 50 bucks a piece and we got to eat awesome food, and it was just so cool! Yeah, they have this lamp that i think im gonna be for Halloween.

It's a JEANIE lamp! HAHA! Get it?

So, we didnt have anything big today cuz we're waiting to have the big party when Lela gets here, so no presents, just an ice cream cake (deliciously homemade!) and some board games. Very fun! And we went to the beach! We found a new beach, which we dubbed Boogie Beach, and it was raining and stormy while we were there, and we got Thrasher's, and it was lovely!
On the way out...

And back in!

Awwwww! We're holding hands!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Tuesday, June 23, 2009


we were just messing around and everybody got a fake tattoo with permanent markers!
they're lots of fun!
this is danny's, on his back.
also danny's, on his wrists, it's a 9 ball, from pool.
this ones emily's
Jeanie's flower!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Go Fish

Emily caught a shark! so tight, right? here tis!

jeanie caught three flounder, those creepy fish with both eyes on one side of their heads. blech!

see, no eyes on this side! (shudder shudder)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


so, i just got back from girls camp. it was....different.maybe this will describe how i felt all week.
well, not all week, but you get the idea.
we did have fun though, we went repelling, and canoeing, and we played games, like this one!

it was SUPER fun. ummm, th-thats all folks.